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Attention Edmonton Area IT Managers & Business Owners:

Does Your Organization:

Have Wi-Fi that is Slow or Non-Existent?

Are You Planning on Adding Wi-Fi to Your Office so Employees
have Internet Access for their Smart Phones or Tablets?

Would You Like to Use Wireless VoIP Phones at the Office and
Need to Install Wi-Fi but Don’t Have a Clue How to Do It?

IF YES - You have come to the RIGHT PLACE!

How We Can Help You:

  • Locate sources of interference - We will scan your office to determine sources of interference, which will impact your current system or will reduce the effectiveness of a new system.
  • Locate potential security breaches - We will scan your network to do an inventory of your current access points plus determine if there are any "rogue" (unauthorized) access points, which could present a security breach. Employees are known to have hidden wireless routers under their desk just so their iPhone or iPad has Internet access when they’re at work!
  • Create Heat Maps - Send us a digital copy of your floor plan and we will create a "heat" map showing you the zone coverage and signal levels of your current or future access points.
  • Develop a Wireless Implementation Plan - We will provide you with recommendations on the placement, mounting and configuration of a new wireless network.
  • Provide an "As-Built" Report - Once a system has been put in place we will document how it was designed and installed (including how the access points are mounted, configured and where they are located).
  • Design a Wireless Network that Works as Sold - By putting the time upfront to properly analyze your environment, determine the sources of interference and create "heat" maps, you will be comfortable knowing that you have a wireless network that works as advertised.
  • Conduct Post-Deployment Surveys - We can come to your office and do follow up scans to track signal strength over time. We can also "tweak" the system as necessary while we are there. We recommend doing this on a quarterly basis as a lot can change.

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and determine a plan of action.

Our Happy Customers Say:

Northrup Grumman

"Blair: Excellent service, thanks for all your help.
~ Doug Montana"

Upstream Web Technologies

"My experience with Optrics has been excellent from start to finish. After purchasing a web application from Optrics I called them with a couple of questions about the registration key. The sales representative immediately had their in house tech, who has worked with the product for years, take me through the complete installation of the product.
"Unfortunately most of my experiences with IT businesses have been a disappointment so far. I sure appreciate the experience I have had in dealing with Optrics. These are people who care about their customer and go out of their way to lend a hand.
~ Tyler Davis"

Belator LLC

"I never got a chance to THANK YOU.
"I am glad you made me buy this unit. It KICKs some serious butt. We have been live on it for 4 months now full force and it has just been great. Thanks!"
~ Ray S

SXIP Networks

"Thank you again for your attention to our order. Your assistance and customer service oriented approach were invaluable to us in ensuring that we had our needs met within our very tight timeline. Your responsiveness is unsurpassed. You have been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with you again in the future. "You guys are Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!"
~ Chelsea Bell